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What Dance Photos are Your Kids Posting?

How can parents allow their kids to post photos of themselves in over-split leg mounts, (tilts) etc wearing very little. Yes, I know that kids dance in lycra bike shorts and crop tops etc but it's not appropriate to post photos such as these with crotch to the camera ! Honestly! nowadays there are sick people who scour through Facebook, Instagram etc looking for photos such as these to post on VERY disturbing websites for their own disgusting and sick purposes. No parent would ever want their child's image to be used in that manner. But, shockingly this is what's sometimes happening to these photos. PLEASE angle the lifted leg to the back (upstage) at least, and make sure you're in a costume that covers the child satisfactorily.

It's no good burying our heads in the sand. We must protect our children from exploitation. There are many other poses that could be chosen that would be much more suitable for a public social media post, which would be much more flattering for the child.

Photo: Gina-Marie Leathem, Sydney Opera House, McDonalds Ballet Scholarship Final.

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