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8 classes a week for a 5 year old

Is it 'child abuse'? It's ridiculous, that's for sure ! A teacher who is well qualified and has the best interests of the children at heart would never allow a young child attend so many classes at this age. And yet it is common these days at what I call ' The Hamburger with the Lot' studio. They sell package deals and unfortunately the parents don't know that this is not what should be happening. These studios do not have the best interests of the children at heart and are more interested in the profits. Children this age should never be attending so many classes a week. Certainly not until they are much older. Poor little children. Of course they love dancing but they get over tired, and are totally burnt out before too long. They want to give up dancing, as it's too much - too soon. Parents need to be very careful with their children and dance lessons. I encourage you to read my book 'Look Before You Leap". 190 pages of information for dance parents to guide them through their children's dance education. Find out what worldwide experts have to say and find a safe and happy pathway for your child. Let me know what your situation is and if you have any issues or questions regarding your child's dance lessons. I am only too happy to answer and with over 40 years of experience in the dance industry, I might just have some good advice to help you. - Committed to Your Dance Success - Dianne Leathem

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